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Join LISAA courses in January!

You wish to switch to a different field of study or to make a change of career? LISAA offers bachelor and master's courses in Fashion, interior design, decoration and animation for January 2020. Starting your studies in creation this year, it's still possible!

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Switch with success to a different field of study

After your high school final exam and the choices made for your undergraduate studies, you may be disappointed a few weeks into the term. You may have needed time to think over your project.

It's not too late to start studying in creative fields! LISAA offers bachelor courses with a postponed start of the school year in January 2020. You can join these programmes in Fashion (Fashion Design / Pattern-MakingFashion Design / Textile DesignFashion Design & Business) or in Animation (2D3D2D/3DVFX).

You just need to ask for an application form at LISAA Paris, to choose your major and select the January 2020 session here:

I ask for an application form

Joining the class thanks to an intensive tutoring

Students who will join bachelors in fashion or animation will benefit from a special support and tutoring that will allow them to successfully join the students from the September session halfway through the year, after an intensive period of class.

The January session is available for the Fashion bachelors:

and for the Animation bachelors:

An open selection of profiles

The admission in a bachelor course at LISAA is accessible to every profiles. Whatever the majors studied in high school, you may join LISAA in January. The special support of the educational staff will allow a perfect integration within the class.

Making a chance of career

LISAA offers 1-year specialisations (post-bachelor), available to every profile. These programmes are an open window to a change of career path for creative jobs.

In partnership with renowned institutions, these 1-year specialisation courses, including 6-month internships, allow students to acquire the skills necessary to a professional approach of the job.

The February session is available for this course:

I ask for an application form

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Bachelor Fashion Design / Pattern Making
On this course, students will create garment and accessory designs, devise ready-to-wear and “designer” collections, and present them at catwalk shows and show rooms, in front of professionals. 2 starts: October and January! Registration for this course is possible until the end of December
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Bachelor Fashion Design / Textile Design
This course prepares students to become specialists in textile design. They will learn how to create colour and fabric ranges from their research and will create textile design collections. 2 starts: October and January! Registration for this course is possible until the end of December
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Bachelor Fashion Design & Marketing
Students become experts in fashion aud luxury. They cover the whole process of fashion design to create collections that are coherent in their market. The last 2 years in e-learning allow students to study management and marketing whilst working in a company. The course trains them to become fashion and luxury management specialists: they discover the whole range of different aspects of the international fashion industry, from designing a collection and organising a business, to managing a brand, communication, e-business, e-communication.
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