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LISAA at the Gaîté Lyrique for the I Love Transmedia Festival

From 29th September to 2nd October, students from the Digital Art Direction Master’s at LISAA will be exhibiting “Quand je serai grande” (When I Grow Up), a project undertaken as part of the TIU Lab at the Gaîté Lyrique’s I Love Transmedia Festival.


The TIU association put together an educational laboratory—an entirely original concept—bringing together professionals and students in order to create shared interaction around original, multi-platform projects. With the participation of leading advanced courses and the setting up of a specialised steering committee, TIU aims to discover new talents by initiating the production of several transmedia works every year.

The association also aims to bring digital creation to a wider public with a yearly event, the I LOVE TRANSMEDIA festival, and to spark reflections and debate on the evolutions underway in the heart of cultural industries in a digital era.

As a result, 16 projects were created by students from 11 schools and universities teaching graphic arts.


Amandine Crépin, Alice Four and Marie Leprince—all master’s students in Digital Artistic Direction at LISAA Paris—chose to produce an activist interactive digital book in order to do justice to the great women of history!

Inspired by Catherine Dufour’s “Guide des métiers pour les petites filles qui ne veulent pas finir princesses” (Career Guide for Little Girls Who Don’t Want to End Up as Princesses), the “Quand je serai grande” (When I Grow Up) project shares fun, animated and interactive biographies of inspirational women, from all social and ethnic backgrounds. The story is told by each heroine herself and the technical effects employed by the LISAA students are, at times, astonishing.

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