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Three LISAA students bring inspirational women in history back to life

Three students create an interactive app about inspirational women Discover the “Quand je serai grande” (when I grow up) app, created by three digital art direction students from LISAA to give students strong and less well-known female role models.


Annie Oakley, a legendary American sharpshooter; Agnodice, doctor and gynecologist in 4th century BC Ancient Greece; Alexandra David-Néel, French explorer; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, contemporary feminist writer; O-Eï Hokusai, Japanese print painter – there are so many inspirational women who have been forgotten from history.

It is to give them credit and give young girls and boys different role models that the idea for this activist app for tablets came to Amandine Crépin, Alice Four et Marie Leprince, all of whom are digital art direction students at LISAA Paris.

The launch is scheduled for the end of 2016 with a dozen or so portraits for the first phase.


Inspired by the book “Guide des métiers pour les petites filles qui ne veulent pas finir princesses” (Career Guide for Little Girls Who Don’t Want to End Up Being Princesses) by Catherine Dufour, the “Quand je serai grande” (when I grow up) project shares fun, animated and interactive biographies of these strong and inspirational women, from a range of social and cultural backgrounds. Each heroine tells her own story, and the technical effects used by the LISAA students are often surprising.

“Little girls can imagine becoming adventurers, scientists or aviators as much as princesses or dancers”

Amandine Crépin, digital art direction student at LISAA and co-founded of the project

Amandine Crépin stresses that the trio’s aim, via the app, is to “ensure that little girls can imagine becoming adventurers, scientists or aviators as much as princesses or dancers, and as such participate in the deconstruction of stereotypes.”

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