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Anim / Game
LISAA Paris School of Animation & Game

LISAA joins the videogames schools network

In December 2015 LISAA was chosen by the National Syndicate of Video games (SNJV) to become the 9th school of its network.

Commit on the pedagogic

On becoming member of the video games school network, LISAA commit on a long-term scope to develop a pedagogic and qualitative offer adapted to the sector's criteria, its technical evolutions in technology and marketing and the skills required by the companies.

Strengthen the exchanges between schools and industries

This acknowledgement LISAA Animation & Jeu vidéo / SNJV allows LISAA to set the lights on its formations. LISAA will also reinforce its exchanges with the professionals and help young graduates find positions.

LISAA, a school reputed for teaching video game technology

In 2015, the pôle Animation & Jeu vidéo de LISAA benefitted from a great acknowledgment from professionals. It has been ranked 2nd best private video games school in Paris and ranked 20th best school in the world for the teaching of animation, special effects and video games in the Autodesk CG Student Awards context.

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Formations liées au projet
Bachelor Video Game
This course trains students to be specialists in video game design. Over three years, they will tackle all aspects of interactive creation according to their chosen specialisation.
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Master Video Game
This course is aimed mainly at students who completed the 2-D/3-D video game course. Il allows them to further develop their abilities in the following areas: 3-D animation, concept art, 3-D modeling, rigging, lighting, shaders creation, VFX, level design, scripting, game design.
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LISAA Animation & Jeu Vidéo Paris
7 rue Armand Moisant
+33 (0)1 71 39 88 00