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LISAA at the America’s Cup with Groupama Team France

Groupama Team France, born from the alliance of three exceptional sailors—Franck Cammas, Olivier de Kersauson and Michel Desjoyeaux—has established a partnership with the graphic design school at LISAA Paris for the occasion of the America’s Cup 2017.

Team France, a team of excellence for the oldest sporting trophy in the world

Groupama Team France is representing France in the America’s Cup 2017. This competition is a challenge between nations where technology, innovation and skill must be at their utmost at all times.

For this project, Olivier de Kersauson, Michel Desjoyeaux and Franck Cammas brought engineers, athletes, managers, communicators, and partners together around them, who are continually seeking to push the limits of their professions to excellence.

We wish to incorporate excellence in the communication of Groupama Team France and we think that can be done via a creative collaboration with the teachers and students at LISAA.

Solène Rennuit, communications manager for Groupama Team France

In collaboration with this team, graphic design students from LISAA Paris will work throughout the year to design creative and informative communication tools.

Creative and informative communications from LISAA

Several projects put in place with Groupama Team France will be developed by students at LISAA throughout the year.

To open sailing and its codes up to a wider public, the digital art direction students will design, between January and May 2017, informative videos in motion design on various themes: The America’s Cup, the match race, the boats, etc.

We are convinced that by offering projects to students at LISAA we will be able to move traditional lines of communication for sporting projects.

Solène Rennuit

Each month, six graphic designers selected by a competition will illustrate the team’s news—boat launches, first regattas, etc. They will be helped with this through exchanges with members of the crew and close links with the communications team. These illustrations will be relayed by social media and exhibited in the French team’s bases in Lorient and Bermuda. Students will even meet Team France during a trip to Lorient, home port of the French challenge, or at the Naval School, the training base for Groupama Team France.

Continuing an informative and also viral approach, second year graphic design students will propose explicative and understandable infographics that will bring a new perspective to the project.

Our students will put varied skills into practice over several months, and live a real adventure with this French team!

Constance Grison, director of the School of Graphic Design

"Such a partnership, with the French team, in an international competition, is very inspiring for our students. They are confronted with the demands of the working world and that of the competition. This dynamic project ensures great visibility for LISAA! Our students will put varied skills (motion design, illustration, data visualisation) into practice over several months, and live a real adventure with this French team!" enthuses Constance Grison, director of the School of Graphic Design at LISAA Paris.

© Eloi Stichelbaut / Groupama Team France

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