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LISAA Paris Animation & Video Games

LISAA at Paris Games Week 2018



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Formations liées au projet
Bachelor Video Game
This course trains students to be specialists in video game design. Over three years, they will tackle all aspects of interactive creation according to their chosen specialisation.
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Master Video Game
This course is aimed mainly at students who completed the 2-D/3-D video game course. Il allows them to further develop their abilities in the following areas: 3-D animation, concept art, 3-D modeling, rigging, lighting, shaders creation, VFX, level design, scripting, game design.
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MBA Video Game Producer
This one-year MBA ESG course in partnership with LISAA prepares students for management roles adapted to the booming video games industry in order to be able to understand and identify technical, artistic, legal and financial means that come into play in the process of video game production.
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LISAA Paris Animation & Jeu Vidéo
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