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LISAA Rennes

LISAA, partner of the Animation Film Festival in Rennes

LISAA is once again a partner of the animated film festival, which this year is taking place in Rennes. Here, foundation year students from LISAA Rennes will lead phonotrope workshops and two of them will be on the judging panel for the “animated music video” award.

Phonotrope animation workshop

A phonotrope workshop devised entirely by students on the foundation year course at LISAA Rennes will be offered at the Animated Film Festival, which will take place from 4th to 8th April in Rennes. A phonotrope is an animation sequence that can be drawn or affixed in 3-D on a round support, which is in turn placed on a turntable or record player.

Find out more on 4th April from 2-6pm at the Théâtre national de Bretagne.

A multiform partnership

As part of the careers days at the festival, on 7th April, students and teachers from LISAA Rennes will follow a training course on TVPaint, a software programme for drawing and animation on a tablet. LISAA Rennes students will also be volunteers throughout the festival.

Finally, two students, Elisabeta Biarnex and Maxym Renault, will have the honour of being on the judging panel on Friday, 7th April, for the presentation of the animated music video award.

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