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LISAA x CNIL: a video raising awareness about personal data protection

The beginning of this year is marked by a collaboration between LISAA Graphic Design Paris and CNIL, the French National Data Protection Commission.

Raising awareness and informing the public about the control of personal data

The aims of CNIL, the French National Data Protection Commission, are to inform and innovate, support and advise, and anticipate, control and sanction. Since May 2018, the organization has also been responsible for the application of the general regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

To inform French people of the importance of protecting and controlling their personal data, CNIL asked fourth-year Digital Art Direction students at LISAA to make a video clip.

To do this, and to do so professionally, the students of LISAA worked in collaboration with trainee actors from Cours Florent. Together, the graphic designers and actors came up with the storyline. The Cours Florent students then focused on the acting, while LISAA students were in charge of directing and post-production.

The chosen clip, Poker Face, was directed by Ninon Wailly, Héloïse Fournier, Candice Rey, Dimitri Catoire, Benjamin Crochet and Inna Marculescu.

It was published by CNIL during cybersecurity month.

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