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Graphic Design
LISAA Rennes

2 students from LISAA Rennes in charge of the communication for Stunfest

The Stunfest festival organised by the a group 3 Hit Combo, who develops videos since 2005, called on LISAA graphic design students to create the poster for the 11th edition of the festival.

Léa Houdayer and Marine Hurel, selected by the communication jury

Among many projects, the organizers chose the work of Leah Houdayer and Marine Hurel. The two claimed to have prioritized simplicity and efficiency. They were inspired by Japanese graphic art, which is very influential in the gaming universe. Highlighting objects and typographical block was evident for them. The typography was first used vertically, respecting Japanese codes but then changed, to increase readability. Katakana writing was also chosen to heighten the Japanese ambiance and translate the term "Stunfest".

Viral communication

The objects chosen are well known references in the world of video games. They can be replaced by other emblematic objects. Therefore users re-appropriate Stunfest communication tools using other visuals.

Increased communication

To extend the concept of ownership, students from LISAA Rennes will be present for the duration of the event. They will organize photo sessions with visitors, who can pose with their favorite video game object or character.

Practical Information

From May 22 - 24 2015 at the Liberté in Rennes

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