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Urban gardens in response to an ecological emergency

As part of their involvement in the Jardins, Jardin event at the Tuileries, students in Interior Architecture and Design at LISAA Paris presented urban garden projects on the theme of ecological emergency, in partnership with Balcoon.


Students on the Interior Architecture & Design course were asked by the balcony designer Balcoon to design a private urban garden—a balcony, terrace or small urban garden attached to a house, of a surface area of around 200m2—responding totally or partially to a need to preserve the environment as a priority. The students worked in partnership with Paysages Developpement, a design office working with private clients.

The urban garden has become a “combat garden”. It goes beyond an ornamental garden to become grounds for an ecological emergency. The propositions are equally concerned with the nature of the garden as the material elements that accompany them. Students have also taken into account the growing of plants and the necessary skills required for this exercise.


Environmental priority, a challenge for citizens, an economic necessity – all of these aspects come together to make the city and its surrounding area a new ecological concern. Initiatives are springing up everywhere on all different levels: institutions, associations, citizens – everyone is taking ownership of this theme to highlight its importance, whether in terms of production, communication or design.

In keeping with this logic, the designers created nutritive gardens, biological reserves, screen gardens or natural air conditioning, sleep spaces adapted to heat wave conditions, water recuperating gardens, shelters, and even learning and awareness gardens.


Three projects were selected by the judging panel of professionals:

    • Limbe, a vertical support for plants designed for urban settings, by Aurore Timon and Annette Sturzenegger;

    • Egg, a garden house offering two different spatial configurations, by Ilgin Deniz and Anna Podkuichenko;

    • Aqua Garden, a hydroponic micro-ecosystem for terraces and gardens allowing people to grow their own organic harvest of vegetables and herbs, by Olivia Harnois and Charles Saade.
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