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Interview of the Knight Club team, made up of LISAA Animation graduates

The Knight Club team, made up of 2015 LISAA Animation graduates, are coming to LISAA February 3rd at 2 pm à 14h to present their animated short films made at the Studio Supamonks Residence .

LISAA : Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

The team is composed of 4 graduates from the 2015 3D animation 3D program: Stéphane Ma, Nikita Guine, Xavier Lecerf, Guillaume Engrand and 2 graduates from the master of production management & digital animation technicsat LISAA : Clément Le Quéré and Lionel Lorne.

Each of us has a particular role:

  • Production: Stéphane Ma. He worked on the narration, the storyboard and the shootingboard for the preproduction. In production, he worked as a 3D modeller and took care of the texturing the characters, and part of the lighting and composition.
  • Nikita Guine: Visual development. He created the colorboard, developed the workflow, character texture, painted the matte-paintings and composits.
  • 3D Modelling: Xavier Lecerf. He worked on texturing and compositing, concentrating on the essential decoration.
  • Animation 3D: Lionel Lorne.
  • Animation 3D and video creation: Clément Le Quéré.
  • Co-prodution: Guillaume Engrand. He worked with Stéphane on the narration, the storyboard, 3D modeling, and the setup and simulation of clothing.

LISAA : Tell us about your short film

We made the choice to create a simple and entertaining story and focus on digital technology. The challenge was enormous: three months to achieve everything: 7 characters that involve modeling, texturing, the setup, animation but also the crowd, the sets...

We invested a great deal of energy in the development of an effective workflow into order to streamline our maximum tasks. Moreover, screenplay prowess was not our goal. We wanted to do a film together, in the prettiest, most rhythmic and dynamic way possible.

"We wanted to do a film together, in the prettiest, most rhythmic and dynamic way possible"

The Knight Club

LISAA : How did you come up with this project idea?

Our desire to join Supa came after visiting Lan12, the Lead Animation Supamonks Studio at LISAA. Before finishing our graduation project, we had to reflect on the project, which is when the Knight Club was born.

The team was gradually enhanced. Studio Supamonks accompanied us in our choices (script, storyboard, character design...), then they helped us with hardware and software. We then all threw ourselves headlong into the adventure.

How do you now define yourselves?

We now seek to increase our individual professional experiences, develop our skills and acquire new ones. We aim to create a group and continue to make new projects together in our spare time.

For us, Supamonks is a example of success. Our wildest dream is to be a real studio.

"Our wildest dream is to be a real studio"

The Knight Club

Check out the article about The Knight Club and see the video : here!

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