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Interview with Élodie Maynard, Digital Art Director

Élodie graduated from the Graphic Design master’s course at LISAA Paris in 2014. She has since become an art director within an agency. Find out more about her career path in our interview.

LISAA: Can you tell us more about your career path?

Having graduated from a bachelor’s in Design and Applied Arts, I joined the master’s course in Digital Art Direction at LISAA Paris.

During the second year of my master’s, I was working at 17 Mars, a design agency specialising in graphic design, audio-visual branding and brand content.

How did you start out in your career?

After I graduated from my graphic design master’s in 2014, the agency 17 Mars asked me if I wanted to continue working for them, first in a freelance capacity and then employed in-house as an art director. In the beginning, the projects I worked on focused on web and print.

Following on from this, I developed the visual identity and audio-visual graphic design for our clients. At that point, I had progressed a lot by managing my projects from start to finish and by working more closely with my clients.

Who are your clients at the agency?

In particular, I worked for France Télévisions and different production companies. For example, we created the IOS app, “Lune”, a spin-off app for a TV documentary called "Lune, la face cachée de la Terre".

What is your role now?

Now I’m a graphic designer and an artistic director. My profession consists mainly of creating "making of" and live action – projects that are very diverse in terms of the medium.

I work for clients in very different industries. For example, for Eurosport, I had to work with number-based data, taking into account the importance of the readability of information – an approach that is quite close to print graphic design.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m going to leave the agency soon to set up in a freelance capacity. This is a plan that comes from wanting to stand on my own two feet. I will continue to work with 17 Mars but also with other clients. I have some leads for working on Art Direction and UX design projects.

Alongside this, I intend to develop my own project on how dyslexia is treated. It’s something that has been close to my heart for several years and I would like to dedicate some time to this if my main work allows me to.

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