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Graphic Design
LISAA Paris Graphic Design & Motion design

LISAA holds a workshop for the Fête du Graphism graphic design festival

From 19th-22nd January, LISAA is organising a workshop to coincide with the Fête du Gaphisme graphic design festival. Led by Fons Hickman, a graphic designer from Berlin who has travelled from Germany for the occasion, this workshop with welcome students from eight different schools of design.

Cutting-Edge Animation

Invited by the Fête du Graphisme, Fons Hickmann is leading the LISAA workshop over the course of four days. The Berlin-based graphic designer and teacher directs the Fons Hickmann m23 studio, which focuses on developing complex communication systems, visual identity creation, posters and web support as well as editorial projects, books and magazines. M23 has won several international awards since its creation in 2001.

A Broad Challenge

Introduced by the Fête du Graphisme, this workshop aims to bring together different stakeholders in graphic design and give them the opportunity to meet each other and exchange ideas. It brings together 31 students from different public and private schools and from different cultures: Maryse Eloy, EPSAA, Estienne, Intuit.Lab, ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, École de Condé, ESAG Penninghen, ECV and LISAA.

A Parisian Festival

The Association for the Development, Promotion and Outreach of Graphic Design, which organises the Fête du Graphisme, aims to promote graphic design in all its forms. The Fête du Graphisme runs from 7th January to 4th March 2014 with a series of highlights between 16th January and 4th February 2015. This second edition will take place with events throughout Paris.

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Bachelor Graphic Design
This course teaches students how to define a visual communication strategy, to master different means of expression and to use them on various supports: print, packaging and interactive media.
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Master Digital Art Direction
The art director has a key role working directly with an advertiser or within an agency: they are responsible for their client’s image, brand or company in the sense that they come into play whenever this is on show. Students learn how to implement a communications strategy and concepts and then translate these into graphics that can be adapted to all visual, digital or printed media.
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