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LISAA Toulouse

LISAA opens its new Toulouse campus for 2018

LISAA continues to expand with its new Toulouse campus opening for the autumn term of 2018. Located in the heart of a major technological and innovation business activity area, this new school offers a Foundation/Introductory Course in Applied Arts (MANAA), as well as courses recognised by the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) in Animation, Graphic Design and Digital Art Direction.


As the second largest university town in France after Paris, Toulouse boasts dynamic economic growth and strong cultural heritage. It is within this strategic geographical setting — an environment conducive to success — that LISAA will set up its new campus in the autumn term of 2018 at Enova Labège.

LISAA Toulouse benefits from an environment with a strong cultural heritage in the heart of an innovative technology business activity area

Joan Da Silva, Director of LISAA Paris Animation & Video Games


Since the autumn term of 2018, students at the new LISAA Toulouse campus have been following courses spanning from Bachelors level to Master's degrees.

Courses recognised by the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) are offered — the Graphic Design Bachelor’s and the 2-D/3D Animation Bachelor’s. The latter trains specialists in animation, music video and advertising and benefits from high-end equipment at the forefront of digital technology, and a teaching team comprising animation industry professionals.

The Master’s course in Digital Art Direction offers a two-year specialisation to students from a graphic design background, enabling them to further their skills in video, motion design, mobile design, UX design and more.

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