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LISAA Nantes

LISAA students oversee the artistic direction for Kostar's fashion book

The students from LISAA Nantes oversaw the artistic design for the fashion and trend pages for the cultural magazine Kostar!

A transversal collaborative project

For the lastest edition of the cultural magazine Kostar,Graphic design and, Fashion and Design, Enviornmental textile and Applied arts (MANAA) at LISAA Nantes combined their talent and ideas.

They had free reign over the artistic direction of the fashion and trends book under the leadership of the educational manager of the Fashion Design program, Corélia Pinault.

Full reign over the project

From the artistic direction, to the photography to the set-up, the students oversaw each step of the creation. They selected the clothing, the set design, and the accessories, that they wore themselves. They did so with a humorous yet professional tone.

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